1. faith-trust-and-p1xi3-dust:

His snarls whilst singing come together help me
  2. hey vinjejennifer:

    that’s what he said during the concert haha. i listened to my recordings again and yea. totally has chest hair. wooo. 

    the song Someday, he wrote it for his girlfriend. (/h)

  3. Joe Fantastik

    Story i wrote for Campus Magazine Singapore. :D

    I had an awesome time Joe! 

    Please come back again next year! you promised!!! :D

    p/s i just got to know the story behind Someday and i’m dying of a broken heart. Don’t mind me… x.x

  4. wildeinferno:

    found this today! i did this when i was in high school. it’s a drawing of noah and allie from the notebook. the two are drawn with the words “if i’m a bird, you’re a bird” over and over, and the background has a few quotes from the movie. done in a felt pen.

    (via the-simplest-insanity)

  5. Finally did my first artwork for “the red necklace” :D
  6. inspiring-pictures:

(via Tumblr on we heart it / visual bookmark #24939214)
  7. Talking to a stranger
  8. I really tried. Looks alot like Joker though. Sry mr Asgard.
  9. itshaileetime:

  10. Doodling while crashing Ringo’s Japanese class.
  11. Fell asleep to Hiddles voice. Had a nightmare :| cuz he is a really convincing villian.

  12. I’m jealous of Tom Hiddleston’s future children. If I were them I’ll never go to sleep, making him read one bedtime story after another.

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